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The Bright Side
The Clans are still trying to figure out what just happened. StarClan itself is unsure of what to do. SkyClan has been driven out-was it the right decision?

Rank Site In Out
31 Into the Wild
21 3460

A warrior cats based RPG involving the four clans: ShadowClan, RiverClan, WindClan and ThudnerClan. A friendly and welcoming community. Many high positions open!
32 Warrior Cats
20 1091

A New AU Warrior Cats RPG. The clans are being tested by their ancestors again, and this time, it looks as though their faith has been shaken to the core. Rain and storms have been constant in this Gr
33 Leap of Faith
18 1007
A Warrior Cats RPG based on the Lake Clans - Thunder, River, Wind, and Shadow. SkyClan's home at the gorge is destroyed, and StarClan has led them to the lake territories--their last resort and plea
34 warriors, machination;;;
17 277

warriors, machination;;; is based on the book series Warriors, by Erin Hunter. We are set in new territories, with new Clans, all for your imagination. Currently, all positions are available. Come cla
35 Dog Days | A Canine & Feline Mating Roleplay
15 1365

A rpg with no wordcount loosly based around mating and placed in the setting of a beautiful English town. WARRIORS ROLEPLAYS ARE COMMON HERE! 18+
36 //SKY | CLAN
15 1162

37 Divergence
15 715

What if the starry cats were instead bathed in blood, rose from the ground, and sought to take over through fear and death? These cats are known as BoneClan, and as StarClan would have ruled from the
38 LOSING PATIENCE - a unique warrior cats rp site.
14 796

losing patience is an all-around role play site for warrior cats fans with a passion for writing. you'll feel right at home in this chat/rp site. PLEASE JOIN!
39 Warrior Cats Game
13 378

IslandClans has returned! Join our roleplaying forum and community, and don't miss out on our cat RPG game coming soon.
40 Starclan's Warriors
13 451

Warrior cats roleplaying (based off of Erin Hunter's Warrior Cats series) website that is just starting out. Every member counts! We could REALLYYYY use some active rpers right now...
41 Totally Warrior Cats
11 485

A Warrior Cats RP site! Please come and join, we're adding new things everyday!
42 Warrior Cats at Heart
11 497

Warrior Cats at Heart (WCaH) is a roleplaying site for all Erin Hunter fans. Enjoy writing with others in the fan-made clans, or create your own! We encourage everyone to participate, because everyone
43 Sky of Stars
11 35

In a chaotic forest filled with rouge cats, there are five alliances, constantly shifting and changing. Nothing is set in stone. But from the valleys beyond, a sixth alliance lurks, one with more sini
44 ~These Starry Nights v.2~ a semi-literate warrior
11 949

Life just can't stay peaceful forever. Never has ever been known a time when the Clans were completely at peace and harmony. Even the greatest story teller from the elder's den couldn't tell you a
9 268
welcome to treckclan, a unique, play-by-post and somewhat traditional warrior cat roleplay site!
46 Ceta Wakpa
9 178

A literate warriors roleplay that features one clan, one tribe with a plot setting in Yellowstone.
47 Revenge
9 799

A new site based solely on role playing tribe cats. Tensions are high after a group of cats were banished from the Tribe of Rushing Waters. Soon these cats banned together to form a new tribe, the Tri
48 Warriorclan - The Clans Unite
9 791

Many seasons ago, the great and powerful Warriorclan was split. Now what remains is a few weaker clans, about to fall apart themselves. Join us on this journey to save these clans, warrior!
49 The Differing Clans
9 34

The Differing clans is a warrior cats group with three clans on an island. Despite their tropical climate however, not all is peaceful. Strange things have been going on lately. A drought, followed by
50 Legacy Warriors
8 333

This game takes elements from the table top game promoted by the official Warriors Cats website, as well as forum based role-playing to help give an exciting and unique online Warriors RPG experience
51 The Warrior Games
8 221
The Warrior Games is a Warrior cats and Hunger Games crossover. We're an account-per-character forum that welcomes all levels of roleplayers.
52 With Silverpelt Above Us
7 235
We are a new, unique warrior cat role-play based when SkyClan were still in the forest. Opened on 12/23/13 all high ranks are available WITHOUT an audition. Join us today!
53 Warrior Cats RPG Day & Night
7 529
A Warrior Cats RPG by ME! Please join. Open for all. Different Clans: IceClan, MudClan, RockClan and SandClan.
54 CimmerainClan
6 686
Cimmerain Clan is a new clan that has been brought back. At Cimmerain Clan we strive towards being the best we can be. We train often and only accept members from moderate to advansed.
55 Warrior Cat Clans 2 Classic
6 268
We are a popular roleplay site based on the Warriors series by Erin Hunter. Whether you're a fan of the books or not, WCC2 is a place to roleplay, enter contests, and make and talk with friends! If y
56 Warrior Cats Feral-Heart Roleplay
6 186
Warrior Cats Feral-Heart Roleplay, or WCFHRP for short. Roleplay as any kind of cat here! We accept all new roleplayers!
57 Forest of Secrets
6 514
Welcome to Forest of Secrets, a brand new roleplaying game based off the best selling novel series, Warriors! We take place back in the old forest, a time for new warriors and chances.
58 Nights Final Stand
4 333
Night Clan and Luna Clan must fight to survive against their enemies, Rogue Pack and Sun Pack. Whose side will you take?

(We are restarting so we need lots of members and a few positions are open in
59 Warriors Search for Sky Lake
4 811
A friendly site with active members, helpful admins, and all altogether awesome website. Coming back strongly after a hiatus so please join!
60 Warriors of the night
4 445
We are a brand new WCRP site
Most ranks are open, Looking for staff

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