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dA Warrior Cats
dAWarriorCats is a Warrior Cat rping site. Any level rpers are welcome. You can also rp in human or other animals rps. Overall, this was a site created for people to come and relax and rp. Or even cha

Rank Site In Out
61 The Four Clans
4 794
The four Clans is a brand new Warrior Cats Rpg. We have openings for the ThunderClan,RiverClan,and shadowclan leader and deputy! Join today!
62 Warriors of the night
4 452
We are a brand new WCRP site
Most ranks are open, Looking for staff
63 Sunclan, Moonclan, Skyclan, and Cloudclan
3 252
This is a site for the four clan: Sunclan, Moonclan, Skyclan, and Cloudclan. We are new and in need of members.
64 Warrior Cats Roleplay - A New Era
3 373
A New Era is a Warrior Cats RPG set in the future. Fully realistic roleplay only. From beginner to advanced. The Four New Clans are MeadowClan, LakeClan, OakClan and MountainClan.
65 Warrior Cats Forest RPG
3 425
Warrior Cats Forest RPG(WCFR) is a forum where members can role-play as warrior or tribe cats. You can either be a Clan or Tribe cat. Join us today!
66 Sun & Stars
3 197
A literate Warrior Cats rp, with the four canon Clans of Thunder, River, Shadow, and Wind.
67 The Cats of The Sky
3 166
A new Warrior Cats based roleplaying site. There is RavenClan, EagleClan and The Magpies, a group of cats who mock the Clans by having the same ranks as them.
68 The Forgotten Clans
3 286
The Forgotten Clans is a brand new Warrior Cats Rp, with four new original clans and a plot! I hope you decide to join us!
69 Grass Beneath My Paws
3 445
Grass Beneath My Paws or GBMP is a wild, realistic and adventurous Warrior Cat and Wolf RP forum! Plots are currently stirring, the wolves are preparing themselves..The cats, what will they do? GBMP h
70 Dawn of New Paws
2 584
A brand-new, growing Warriors roleplay.
71 The rain falls above us
2 94
We are a wip comunity but pretty soon we will be an amazing warrior cats Role play site.
72 The Vanishing Point
2 127
How does someone vanish without a trace?

The Vanishing Point is a brand new literate warrior cats roleplay set in the forest territories. Cats in the clans are disappearing, and no one can figure ou
73 Rebellious
2 433
74 Outcrop Rendezvous
1 1
-> Outcrop Rendezvous
75 Alder Hollow
1 136
Alder Hollow is a Warriors RPG site. We are an intermediate to advanced site with an open plotline. We'll feel right at home with us!
76 Outcrop Rendezvous - A Discord WC RP
1 3
A Roleplay Discord based on the books Warrior Cats.

We feature organised channels with new Clans and territories to role-play in. The chats are monitored by staff pretty much around the clock. We ha
77 Warriors of Moon Lake
1 112
Welcome to the Clans of Moon Lake- a Warrior Cats RPG based in the Lake Territories many generations after the events in the Last Hope. We hope you join us!
78 Warriors Life
1 215
Are you a Warrior Cats fan? If so, you should come join Warriors Life. Chat and role play with other Warriors fans on this fun, friendly, and free online community! There is much to do here on this fa
79 The Warriors Rp
1 145
The Warriors Rp is a fun site to start rping in. It's easy to get going and creating your character. Just introduce your self and become a cat!
80 Warriors; A NewDawn
1 141
A roleplay website to die for! Extremely active and there is always someone to chat to!
81 Rise Up
1 25
Rise Up is a traditional, 200 WC warriors Roleplay based in the old forest.
82 Soul-of-the-clans
1 326
Welcome to SOTC (Soul of the Clans!) I realistic Warrior Cats Roleplay based of off the books created by Erin Hunter. Survive in the wild and be your dream warrior! Staff Applications are going right
83 Warrior Cats RPG
1 684
A Warrior Cat RPG FOR ALL!!!
84 Warrior Cats RPG Awsome
1 331
A Warrior Cats RPG fo Everyone, Based on erin hunters Warriors
85 H2O
1 394
H2O is a growing RP site based on Warrior Cats by Erin Hunter. Join one of the Clans, plot against the leader or stay on the good side. It depends whatever you decide, and have fun RPing! :)
86 Warriors: New Beginnings
1 319
Warriors: New Beginnings is an alternate-timeline Warriors Fanfiction roleplay site. In this site, Cats have magical powers which stem from an ancient tree, and humans are barely out of the crib.
87 Warriorclan
1 528
Want to have fun with role playing as a Warrior cat? Come on and join us! You know you want to! We have many different clans to chose from and we always welcome new role players!
88 warriorcats roleplaying game
1 380
This is a roleplaying site for people who love the warrior cats.You can adopt a cat or create your one and join the new clans that have been create.
89 Sherwood Forest
1 337
In this new world of warrior cats, what adventure awaits you? Shall you be a rogue, plotting against the clans? Will you be a kittypet, dreaming of the glorious green forest? Are you a Tribe cat, pref
90 BANISHED - A Unique Warrior Cats RP
1 288
We are a traditional warriors role play that sure could use some extra members with never before seen twist that allows you more freedom and plot development under the guidance of the rules.

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