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Call fo the Spirits

Call of the Spirits is a Warrior cat RPG site following the basics of Erin Hunter's series. Create your own character and follow the path of a warrior.

Rank Site In Out
61 Warrior Cats Roleplay - A New Era
3 452
A New Era is a Warrior Cats RPG set in the future. Fully realistic roleplay only. From beginner to advanced. The Four New Clans are MeadowClan, LakeClan, OakClan and MountainClan.
62 The rain falls above us
2 146
We are a wip comunity but pretty soon we will be an amazing warrior cats Role play site.
63 Dawn of New Paws
2 668
A brand-new, growing Warriors roleplay.
64 Noraneko
1 168
Noraneko is not /just/ a cat site. It also welcomes dogs and humans. We're a new site, but are very welcoming of new members. Upon joining, you may create a cat, dog and/or human to begin. There will
65 Warriors of Moon Lake
1 179
Welcome to the Clans of Moon Lake- a Warrior Cats RPG based in the Lake Territories many generations after the events in the Last Hope. We hope you join us!
66 The Nirvannah Mountains
1 187
Plunge into the realm of your imagination and expand your creative literary skills. Escape into the world of Warriors or venture off into the dimensions of the Wolf. Build your character, meet new fri
67 Outcrop Rendezvous - A Discord WC RP
1 32
A Roleplay Discord based on the books Warrior Cats.

We feature organised channels with new Clans and territories to role-play in. The chats are monitored by staff pretty much around the clock. We ha
68 The Fate of Five
1 796
StarClan failed the Clans. The lake is no longer a safe place to live, monsters roar everywhere, digging up the earth just as they were in the old forest, and twoleg nests are popping up all over the
69 warriorcats roleplaying game
1 435
This is a roleplaying site for people who love the warrior cats.You can adopt a cat or create your one and join the new clans that have been create.
70 Survivors of the forest
1 11
Flexible word requirement
Laid back community

71 The Warrior Cats of Aranyada
1 286
A warrior cats rpg with a gigantic twist. We accept all roleplay levels and even accept one line posts. The High Positions are open and the application for all characters are easy to write up.
72 Warriors: New Beginnings
1 366
Warriors: New Beginnings is an alternate-timeline Warriors Fanfiction roleplay site. In this site, Cats have magical powers which stem from an ancient tree, and humans are barely out of the crib.
73 Rise Up
1 73
Rise Up is a traditional, 200 WC warriors Roleplay based in the old forest.
74 Outcrop Rendezvous
1 26
-> Outcrop Rendezvous
75 Warriors Revenge
1 359
The best Warrior Cat Site you can find. We are a fun warrior cats role play site.
76 Sunneh
1 257
Over time even the great Firestar has faded from memory. Over that time new clans have formed. Please join today, we love new members and are looking forward to rping with you!
1 264
This is a recent new warriors rp with a great plot just starting up
78 Warriors Life
1 255
Are you a Warrior Cats fan? If so, you should come join Warriors Life. Chat and role play with other Warriors fans on this fun, friendly, and free online community! There is much to do here on this fa
79 forsaken S L U M B E R S
1 392
We're an original Warrior Cats roleplay, semi - literate to literate. Our word minimum is 175, but we're very open to showing newcomers the ropes.
80 Warriorclan
1 570
Want to have fun with role playing as a Warrior cat? Come on and join us! You know you want to! We have many different clans to chose from and we always welcome new role players!
81 Warrior Cats New Hopes
1 396
There is a darkness coming, darker than any darkness before.....
But there is also hope within some cats, more hope than ever before.......
Only one cat knows, the cat known as the messenger.....
But who is the messenger? And is the messenger evil or g
82 Sherwood Forest
1 381
In this new world of warrior cats, what adventure awaits you? Shall you be a rogue, plotting against the clans? Will you be a kittypet, dreaming of the glorious green forest? Are you a Tribe cat, pref
83 Stars Collide: The New Beginning
1 273
A Warriors roleplay that has a unique plot and has open canon cats from all five clans from the very last book The Last Hope. We have a word count of 150, or more!
84 Warrior Cats RPG
1 760
A Warrior Cat RPG FOR ALL!!!
85 TheTwoClans
1 292
TheTwoClans, is a WCRPG website, on 2 different clans, Peaceclan, and Sunclan! We are very new, and need members!
86 Soul-of-the-clans
1 365
Welcome to SOTC (Soul of the Clans!) I realistic Warrior Cats Roleplay based of off the books created by Erin Hunter. Survive in the wild and be your dream warrior! Staff Applications are going right
87 Alder Hollow
1 184
Alder Hollow is a Warriors RPG site. We are an intermediate to advanced site with an open plotline. We'll feel right at home with us!
88 The Warriors Rp
1 210
The Warriors Rp is a fun site to start rping in. It's easy to get going and creating your character. Just introduce your self and become a cat!
89 Warrior Cats: All at Fault
1 195
WCAAF is a traditional warriors roleplay fully based upon Erin Hunter's novels, Warrior Cats. We have unique plots, friendly staff, active members, and we are a completely new site! Why not join!?
90 The Warriors Roleplay
1 374
A warriors roleplay with many Medicine Cat, Deputy, and Leader spots open

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