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Sun & Stars
A literate Warrior Cats rp, with the four canon Clans of Thunder, River, Shadow, and Wind.

Rank Site In Out
1 Another Warrior RP
1018 8351

Another Warrior Roleplay (AWRP) is an active Warriors roleplay that encourages plotting and originality. We've been open and active for over 3 years and have more than 80,000 posts!
2 Warrior Cats Online
475 1455

Warrior Cats Online is a free-to-play WCRPG made possible by the website creator Webs. You can express your imagination freely with our kind staff, amazing members, and insane plots!
3 Lies in the Low
390 2737

Active Warriors site with active plot! Great member base, new and interesting location, interactive stat system with events, point system for posting used to purchase items from our site shop.
4 Warrior Clan Cats
370 1517

The future's in your paws. Shape it well.
Roleplay in the four Clans. Set in a time before the books. Active site with friendly community and over five years of history!
5 Warrior Cats Fans
282 1549

A place for all Warriors fans to converge and roleplay, discuss the books, join in off-topic discussions, and much more!
6 Cats Of The Clan: A Warrior Cats RPG
281 1539

Create your cat, take the clan quiz, train to be a warrior or train an apprentice with fun mini games, make fan fiction, fall in love, have a kit and maybe even be leader of a clan!
7 Warrior Cat Clans 2
258 1711

We are a popular roleplay site based on the Warriors series by Erin Hunter. Whether you're a fan of the books or not, WCC2 is a place to roleplay, enter contests, and make and talk with friends!
8 Intolerance Version 2
158 2550

We are a traditional warriors role-play, with an exciting plot that is about to start up! We have been active for four months now, and we are always looking for more members.
9 Forgotten Purrs
155 615

Forgotten Purrs is a new literature tradional Warriors cats roleplay forum. We require at least 100 words per roleplay post to ensure a quality RP.
136 1387

HALCYON is a new, flourishing roleplay that stays with tradition, while also giving you members a taste of mystery and danger! The Clans have moved to a new home, but it's not without its own secret.
11 Nostalgic
127 837

12 Destiny Cats
116 369

we are in need of members! 6 randomly picked members will be chosen to be a destiny cat! they will have one special power and will have a mission from starclan to change the fates of all clans
13 Convicting Remain: Version 2
110 2371

Convicting Reclaims V2 is the re-creation of LeafClan. Check out our site if you want to learn more.
14 Fallen Starlight
100 1989

FS is a warriors roleplay with a never before seen twist that gives you more freedom and plot development.
15 The Stars Above Us
81 381

Many plots to role-play in, a monthly newsletter, plenty of skins, and more! The two clans struggle to survive, but one lurks to kill them all...
16 GOSSAMER ; a literate warriors rpg
59 668

an advanced warriors rpg with a literate and excited community.
53 492

They're lost, vanished without a trace.

A moon ago, seven cats vanished - four from Shadowclan and three from Windclan. They were there one minute, and gone the next. Not a trace remained of them -
18 Clans of the Waterfalls
51 927

The clans of the waterfall forest need your help! Rivalry and tension between the clans is growing strong, kittypets are having trouble forcing the clans to participate in the WG. Will you help?
19 Warriors of the ferns
35 416

We are a guest friendly role play site for the warrior cats. The main plot is to survive amongst your clanmates as in the books, however the clans are different from the books. Many starnge things can
20 The Bright Side
35 962
The Clans are still trying to figure out what just happened. StarClan itself is unsure of what to do. SkyClan has been driven out-was it the right decision?
21 New Era
33 1736

New Era is a Warrior Cats roleplay based on the books of Erin Hunter. However its placed in a different timezone, way past the times of a lake where a new area has been found for the clans. Come Join!
22 Call fo the Spirits
30 1835

Call of the Spirits is a Warrior cat RPG site following the basics of Erin Hunter's series. Create your own character and follow the path of a warrior.
23 Warrior Novella
26 492

We're a new intermediate-advanced Warrior Cats roleplay, with friendly, active staff and a welcoming environment. Set in the old forest, for those who like the golden oldies, with the original 5 clan
24 Warriors Midnight Dreams
23 750

Warriors, Midnight Dreams is a new and up coming web site with active members and friendly Admins who are always willing to help. No word count and we are NOT Grammar nazis
25 Power Warriors *remade*
22 505

4 clans of fierce cats with powers granted by StarClan have took back the forest, and strive to survive. Current plot, med. apprentice slots open, and friendly members!
26 Into the Wild
21 999

A warrior cats based RPG involving the four clans: ShadowClan, RiverClan, WindClan and ThudnerClan. A friendly and welcoming community. Many high positions open!
27 Warrior Cats
20 404

A New AU Warrior Cats RPG. The clans are being tested by their ancestors again, and this time, it looks as though their faith has been shaken to the core. Rain and storms have been constant in this Gr
28 Leap of Faith
18 650
A Warrior Cats RPG based on the Lake Clans - Thunder, River, Wind, and Shadow. SkyClan's home at the gorge is destroyed, and StarClan has led them to the lake territories--their last resort and plea
29 Divergence
15 438

What if the starry cats were instead bathed in blood, rose from the ground, and sought to take over through fear and death? These cats are known as BoneClan, and as StarClan would have ruled from the
30 //SKY | CLAN
15 850


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